Friday, March 12, 2010

Quit Asking “How to Get My Ex Wife Back”: Three Pitfalls You Need To Avoid

Are you continually asking yourself: “how can I get my ex wife back?” If that is the case, there are some things that you definitely will want to do and there are other things that you must avoid. Through this article I will provide you with three pitfalls that you will want to avoid if you want get your ex wife back.

Do not try and make your ex jealous. I know in your mind that you are thinking that this may work out in your benefit, but it never does. All you’ll end up doing is giving your ex wife another reason to dislike you. Any act that pushes your ex further away is a mistake you cannot afford.

One of the hardest things to do for anyone is to take responsibility for their mistakes. This is a time in which you should not be stubborn, and need to acknowledge the mistakes you made in your relationship. I’m not saying to go running to your ex wife apologizing for everything that went wrong in the past, but by understanding what you did wrong, you can correct those errors in the future.

The last thing you want to is show your ex wife that you are the same person that she divorced. You need to show her that you are the person she fell in love with before you got married. People change over time, sometimes for the good and other times for the bad, but this is your opportunity to bring back that old you.

One final point, never pressure your ex wife into a reconciliation. This will not work. You must give your ex wife the time and space she needs to make her own decisions and to sort through her own issues. Likewise, you should do the same. I know this can be extremely difficult. Living apart from each other is for the best though. It will allow the sourness of the divorce to fade. You’ll know when you’re ready to contact her again, because the fear of rejection will be gone.

Stop asking yourself “how can I get my ex wife back?” and start taking action to fix yourself and get back into the right mindset!